4 Ways to Make Short-Term Renters Feel Welcome

4 Ways to Make Short-Term Renters Feel Welcome
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When inviting guests to your AirBnB vacation rental, you should aim to provide comfort and practicality from the moment they step inside your property. Providing a seamless, tailor-made experience for guests guarantees glowing reviews, which could significantly boost your reservations. Leave a lasting impression by following these tips to ensure renters have a perfect stay.

How to Welcome Guests to Your Vacation Rental

1. Tidy Up

Your guests want a clean home, so plan to have your space spotless before their arrival. Schedule an appointment with a professional cleaning team to remove clutter, scrub bathrooms and kitchens, and dust common areas. Greeting your guests with a spotless residence also signals that you expect the place to be as clean when they leave.

2. Leave a Gift

vacation rentalsA small present can go a long way with satisfying your guests. Leaving gifts, including necessary provisions, wine, or handmade soaps and lotions, is an excellent way to celebrate your area’s local culture and small businesses. Additionally, you can make arrangements with local attractions to provide coupons or branded gifts for first-time visitors.

3. Write a Guidebook

Have a personalized handbook waiting for your short-term renters when they arrive. Include practical information for anything you foresee guests needing as they navigate through your property. This includes comprehensive instructions for working appliances and electronics, house rules to follow, and contact information in case of an emergency. Also, provide recommendations for your favorite local restaurants, stores, and attractions to give your guests insider knowledge about hidden gems.

4. Provide Basic Necessities

Guests appreciate when they don’t have to do additional packing and shopping to stock up their vacation rentals. While you don’t have to leave your kitchen cabinets filled, it’s helpful to provide essentials, including utensils, cookware, spices, towels, bed sheets, and cleaning supplies. Also, purchase some paper goods and toiletries based on how long guests will be staying at your property.

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