5 Property Maintenance Tasks to Take Care of This Summer

5 Property Maintenance Tasks to Take Care of This Summer
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If you own a rental property, the summer is likely your busiest season. To ensure your guests feel welcomed and comfortable enjoying the weather outdoors, take care of these property maintenance tasks to create an oasis that's both practical and attractive.

Essential Summertime Property Maintenance Tasks

1. Spruce Up the Landscaping

Grass grows quickly in the summer, so you should mow the lawn at least every two weeks to avoid an overgrown look and an environment for pests. Trimming trees, shrubs, and plants back additionally gives the garden a manicured appearance.

2. Add Flowers

Vibrant blooms add color and make your property more appealing, but these plants can also be practical. For example, installing a vine-covered trellis around the patio will add privacy.

3. Incorporate Lighting

property maintenanceWhen long days turn into balmy summer nights, lights allow guests to extend their outdoor time. This is also practical, since installing lighting along walkways and terraces ensures people know where they're going and can avoid trips and falls.

4. Wash the Deck

A patio, terrace, or deck is a wonderful space to spend time outside, but it'll be far less inviting if it's covered in winter grime. Before kicking off the summer season, wash away dirt and pollen buildup with a power-washer.

5. Clean the Windows

Springtime pollen and rain leave windows streaked with dirt, which can give the home's external surface a dingy appearance. Clean windows with a soft cloth and a 1:1 mixture of warm water and distilled vinegar to get them sparkling.

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